We believe in a future
where all investing
is sustainable investing.
Ethic is an ESG, technology-driven asset manager focused on passive equity investments. Its data science and machine learning techniques power sustainable investing solutions for advisors and institutions. Founded by a team of institutional investing, technology, data and design experts, Ethic’s mission is to accelerate the global transition to sustainable investing to inspire action that addresses the defining issues of our time.
Press release
Our founders
Founded in late 2015 by Johny Mair, Doug Scott and Jay Lipman, Ethic seeks to accelerate the transition to a sustainable investing future by bringing together two traditionally separate communities: sustainability and institutional quantitative finance.
Ethic founders
Jay Lipman, left, Doug Scott, center, Johny Mair, right
Ethic founders, Jay Lipman, left, Doug Scott, center, Johny Mair, right

Press inquiries

For press inquiries please contact us at press@ethicinvesting.com. You can download our logo and founder headshots here.


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